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M&C Group of Companies Gives a Helping Hand to St. John Saint Lucia

As part of M&C Group of Companies’ Social Responsibility program, St. John Saint Lucia formerly St. John Ambulance was the beneficiary of a monetary donation of $3500. The donation was presented to Mr. Glen Wilson, Chief Commissioner of St. John Saint Lucia by Ms. Fern Wilson Marketing Coordinator of M&C Group of Companies.

St. John Saint Lucia are involved in many initiatives that benefit St. Lucians such as, First Aid, Disaster Preparedness as well as training the use of AEDs (Automated External Defibrillators). They also have an extended youth programme, and offer these services and others to a number of schools islandwide.

Mr. Glenn Wilson expressed his appreciation for the donation stating “We are hugely grateful to have been one of M&C’s beneficiaries this year. We thank the organization, board members, management and staff for their unwavering support throughout the years in helping St. John Saint Lucia be the difference between a life lost and a life saved. The donation given will be going towards our work at our Headquarters, helping us to make some urgent repairs to our roof so we can continue to provide a safe haven for our volunteers and also a training room for our customers.”

Ms. Fern Wilson on behalf of M&C Group of Companies applauded St. John Saint Lucia for their service to St. Lucia for over 80 years and stated that the support, services and training that they provide is immeasurable to the society and she expressed her hope that the facilities would be repaired as quickly as possible.







In photo from left to right: Ms. Fern Wilson, Marketing Coordinator, M&C Group of Companies presenting a cheque to Mr. Glen Wilson of St. John Saint Lucia.




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