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M&C Group of Companies supports the Anse La Raye Charles Cadet Youth Orchestra

Continuing in their tradition of supporting the Arts, M&C Group of Companies was pleased to present to the Anse La Raye Charles Cadet Youth Orchestra, represented by Mr. Gregory Piper, the orchestra’s leader/conductor, with a donation of $2,500. This donation will help with the expenses associated with replacing and repairing of instruments for the orchestra which will assist this group of talent young musicians in their pursuit of excellence.

The Orchestra has been in existence for over three years and consists of 30 young musicians, all of whom are residents of Anse La Raye, ranging in age from 10 to 25 years. Through their involvement in the orchestra, these young musicians have excelled and enhanced their skills and some have even been afforded the opportunity to enter into the workforce.

Mr. Piper was extremely grateful for the donation and stated that “The Anse La Raye Charles Cadet Youth Orchestra is not presently funded and therefore donations like this one from M&C helps to ensure that the program can continue.” He also stated that “M&C has always been willing to assist with various initiatives” and that he was indeed grateful that the Orchestra is the beneficiary of this donation.

Mrs. Marella Devaux, Group Marketing Manager of Goddard Group St. Lucia remarked that M&C Group of Companies admires the commitment of Mr. Piper with this initiative and wished him and the talented members of the Anse La Raye Charles Cadet Youth Orchestra continued success in all their endeavours.








In photo: Mrs. Marella Devaux (Group Marketing Manager, M&C Group of Companies) handing over cheque donation to Mr. Gregory Piper (Orchestra’s Leader/Conductor)

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